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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aquaman Toon Tumbler - 2009

Another Aqua-Item I picked up at the Big Apple Con was this Aquaman Toon Tumbler glass, made by PopFun Merchandising.

These Toon Tumblers have been around for a few years, but only recently did they get the DC license, which now enables them to make Toon Tumblers featuring not only Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, but also Green Lantern, Poison Ivy, Sgt. Rock--even the Justice Society!

PopFun had a huge display at the con, and the Toon Tumblers were only $10. They have a Justice League one, too, also featuring Aquaman, which I should've picked up--now I can't understand why I didn't.


IADW said...

That looks cool, and it reminds me in storage at Mum's I have some DC glasses that were part of a Nutella promotion here in New Zealand back about 97.

Aquaman's glass features the hook handed Peter David version - but if you want I can send pics your way.

Josh Hill said...

Oh, very nice. I have several of the Toon Tumblers, but none of hte DC ones. I think this will have to be my first.

Russell said...

This is cool! I was recently on the Toon Tumbler page and they only featured Sgt Rock, the Joker, Firestorm (!) and the Trinity. These must be ultra-new. I want this!!!

chunky B said...

Neato Rob, I'm going to have to invest in some of these tumblers for those fine dinning occasions.

Andy Luckett said...

Very cool update on the former comic inspired glasses from 1976 and 1978, and the hook-handed version mentioned by thedanofsteel above. I'll have to get one of these beauties.

By the way, does anybody know why glasses like these are called "tumblers"? I'm curious.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Toon Tumblers = Awesome

Irredeemable Shag