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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aquaman Patch

One of the items I picked up at the Big Apple Con was this nifty Aquaman patch, using one of Jose Luis Garcia Lopez's classic poses, with the added touch of the logo--nice!

It measures about 4x4", and was only eight bucks--probably a lot of money for just a patch (especially one I'll never actually attach to anything), but you so rarely see Aquaman on these things I didn't hesitate to pick it up once I saw it.


Russell said...

Oooh, that IS cool! I have NEVER seen any of these patches, and although my jean jacket days are far behind me, I too would not hesitate to pick this up if I ever saw it. Nice catch, Rob.

Wings1295 said...

Cool find!

Aaron said...

See, it's like instant Karma. You handed over your previous patch for a good cause and SHAZAM!, new patch!