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Friday, October 23, 2009

Aquaman Bust by DC Direct - 2009

Behold--the Aquaman bust!

This beauty--the second half of the Aquaman/Mera set--was waiting for me when I stopped in for my weekly visit at All Things Fun.

This awesome bust was part of the birthday extravaganza perpetrated on me by a gaggle of F.O.A.M. members, led by Russell Burbage. This (and the Mera one) were advertised earlier in the year, but the price tag kept me from ordering them. But thanks to Russell and the others' generosity, its now sitting just a few feet away from the spot where I'm typing this!

Usually, because I'm such a bad photographer, I go and find stock shots of new Aqua-product, but this piece is so cool (and how I got it even cooler) that I thought it deserved the effort of some custom pics.

So I like I did with the Mera bust, I took ol' Arthur here down to the nearby lake--on another beautifully breezy, sunny day--and snapped some shots:
Its a beautiful piece, well designed by Carlos Pacheo and well produced (of course) by DC Direct. Now that I have this and the Mera one, I need to dig out all my Aquaman TPBs and use them as bookends.

I totally love it--thanks again guys!


Richard said...

It's funny: you say you're a bad photographer, and the only evidence I have one way or another are your photos of these two sculptures…and both sets of photos have made me take a breath and say "Whoa, those things look fantastic! I had no idea they looked so good from the promotional shots!" Seriously!

Clearly, when it comes to strikingly lit and composed photos of Aqua-merchandise, your passion for the subject outweighs any other consideration. Or maybe you're a better photographer than you think.

Wings1295 said...

You do well taking pics, man. Those are sweet!

Can't wait now, since I now know I am getting this from my Mrs., too. Yeehaa! :)

Russell said...

Is it bad for me to say that I want this, too?! :-(
And my wife will not only NEVER buy this for me, she would be mad at me if I ever bought if for myself. (sigh)

Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

That looks wonderful!

Y'know, when DC finally gets around to resurrecting the Sea King they should have him wield that magic Trident of Poseidon he picked up a few years ago. He always looks so cool with it.

Orin's Dad said...

Great pics Rob. I've gotta let my wife know about this and hope it shows up under the tree at Christmas.