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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aqua Wetsuit

No, this isn't a still from upcoming low-budget Aquaman TV show, its...well, let's let newest F.O.A.M. member Jonathan Cassidy explain:

My girlfriend gave me the attached wetsuit for Christmas last year! I'm so in love...with her!

...and the wetsuit, of course."

That is all kinds of awesome, Jonathan! When you go scuba-diving, do all the fish come up and say hi?

Jonathan signed his email from Bermuda. Between him and Barry Sackler, its really making me think I'm wasting my time here in chilly New Jersey...thanks Jonathan, and welcome to F.O.A.M!

By the way: when I sent Jonathan his F.O.A.M. certificate, he wrote back and said both he and his girlfriend Jess are big Aqua-fans, as this photo he attached will attest:
Best. Girlfriend. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Did she make that or buy that? I'd love to get my hands on that for SDCC '10. :P

Josh Hill said...

That is phenomenal. And man, what a girlfriend!

Russell said...

My wife would NEVER wear something like that. Awesome. :-)

Wings1295 said...

Both great! The wetsuit looks like a sweet custom creation! And the tank top is just as awesome!

Jonathan Cassidy said...

FYI fellow F.O.A.M.ers!

The wetsuit was made by Wetwear Custom Wetsuits in Florida.



Unknown said...

Thanks in no small part to Aquaman, I'm also an avid diver. I think I just found a new item to go on my Christmas list!!

Andy Luckett said...

Totally Aqua-tastic! I had the powers of aquatic telepathy and super-strength, but no snazzy outfit to be recognized by. Now that problem is solved!

Or maybe I just like the wetsuit. Yeah, that's probably more like the truth.

So, does Jess have any sisters?

Ha ha.

Orin's Dad said...

That totally rocks! What a team player. Jonathan, you need to keep this one and not let her get away...Take it from one who knows, when you get one that respects Aquaman, you gotta keep her. :-)

R Duncan said...

Nice tank top. Too bad we can't see the front ;)

Unknown said...

What a great wetsuit! Many years and pounds ago I would have gotten one. But now, the basic black wetsuit covers most of my faults.
Rob, I have lots of good childhood memories of Long Beach Island, NJ but the water here in Hawaii is much clearer & warmer. Come on over sometime.
Jonathan, if Jess has a Mera wetsuit, please send a photo.

Siskoid said...

Hahaha, that's great!

An accompanying baby shirt (My daddy is Aquaman) would just be cruel though, right?