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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pardon Our Appearance

Over the next month or so, we'll be making some technical improvements to The Aquaman Shrine.

I'll be converting the old Blogger template I've been using since starting the Shrine in 2006 to one of the newer ones, to add some functionality the Shrine desperately needs--a Search menu, for one.

There's all kinds of content from the first year or so of the Shrine which is essentially inaccessible, even with all the labels, which drives me crazy. I want everything I've ever put on the Shrine to be found if someone wants to look for it, and the update template will make that happen. I also want to make the Shrine have greater ability to hear from all the other AquaFans, so we'll start doing some polls, as well.

I'm mentioning this because, with all the stuff I've currently got on the sidebar there, it's going to take me a while to get everything back up, in the order its supposed to be in. So if the Shrine looks a little wobbly in the next few weeks, that's why.

Also--I've decided to convert the Shrine's address from aquamanshrine.blogspot.com to the easier, more elegant www.aquamanshrine.com. Blogger does automatic redirect, so it won't hurt, I promise.

I hope to have all the improvements up and ready by the Shrine's 3rd anniversary, October 13th, and we'll start our fourth year better than ever before!


Wings1295 said...

Wow - Ambitious much?

Good luck with all the changes! We definitely appreciate the work.

Russell said...

I have a sinking feeling I am atleast partly to blame for some of this...! I asked about former posts that I couldn't find, and Rob mentioned that the older pages are "invisible" under his current status....so if my constantly questions about past posts have anything to do with these changes, Rob....SORRY!!!! :-)

rob! said...

Nothing to apologize for, Russell, its something i've wanted to do a long time but kept putting it off.

And it really does frustrate me, the idea that there's all that content that people basically can't get to. So this should fix all that.

Plus, I get to add polls, and that oughta be a lot of fun!

IADW said...

Nice - looking forward to seeing what the Shrines new look will be!

Jamdin said...

Congratulations on the domain, Rob, and good luck with the updates.

R Duncan said...

Rob, I know it goes without saying but I'll say it anyway. "We are not worthy!"

Scurvy said...

I can't wait to see the changes. Sounds like it will be a great improvement. "More fun" if you will.

By the way, when the heck do you find time to sleep?