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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Justice League of America #1 Ad - 1960

This was one of a bunch of classic DC house ads sent to me by F.O.A.M.er Andy Mangels--an ad for the very first issue of Justice League of America #1!

Expertly put together by DC's in-house design genius Ira Schnapp, this ad presents a lot of information in not a lot of space, yet its beautifully laid out and a pleasure to look at.

I think we can safely assume DC was listing the stars of the book in order of popularity. Whatever--I'm just thrilled Aquaman was included, and always will be. Thanks Andy and thank you Julie Schwartz!


Wings1295 said...

So cool! Must have been such fun being a kid back then. :)

Cahya said...

I can imagine it, b'cause i just laugh if saw the web.

IADW said...

This must've just really rocked fans to the core when it came out. All the big heroes from independent books coming together in one title for the first time - it would've been a dream come true.

Hell when the League's done right it still is :D

Aaron said...

You know, I would like to feel sorry for Aquaman, being listed next to last, but I can't. I mean, Superman and Batman will ALWAYS get top billing. And maybe Wonder Woman should have been listed above the Flash and Green Lantern, but they were still new and hot properties. No, who I really feel bad for here is Martian Manhunter. He was the new guy before the Flash, but he always gets last billing. Heck, anyone on the street recognizes Aquaman, try that with MM :)

wich2 said...

Dan, it wasn't really a First - as fans of that era have recalled, some remembered the Justice Society.

Those ads were just great. I recall pointing out to some Mego ultra-purists years ago, that Mego Corp. did NOT invent the formulation "World's Greatest Superheroes" - it dates from this era.

Thanks, Rob & Andy.
-Craig W.