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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wednesday Comics #7 - 8/19/09

Comics Weekend Aquaman guest-stars with Supergirl in Wednesday Comics!

Last week, in Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner's lighthearted Supergirl strip, the Maid of Might, not knowing what's come over her two suddenly-rambunctious Super Pets Krypto and Streaky, turned to Aquaman for help:
Supergirl is under the mistaken impression that Aquaman can "speak to animals", but an over-worked and stressed-out Aquaman explains to her what he's able to do, and what he's not able to do:
...Aquaman is...well, a jerk, getting so miffed at Supergirl (how can you get angry at Kara when she's this adorable?!?) that he gets her upset.

It at that moment he realizes what a jerk he's been:
He apologizes to Kara, and offers to contact Dr. Mid-Nite, who, as an actual medical doctor, will be able to run some diagnostic tests on the wayward Super Pets and go from there.

Supergirl thanks him, saying "I'm just worried about them is all...they seem so helpless. I know you understand more than most."

As she flies away, Aquaman, surrounded by his finny friends, answers, "More than you know, Supergirl...more than you know."
...a particularly beautiful last panel by Amanda Conner, gorgeously colored by Paul Mounts.

As an Aquaman fan, I'm a little taken aback that Aquaman is mostly a jerk in his two appearances in the Supergirl strip, but in the context of the story it makes sense. And I like how quickly Arthur comes to his senses, and is warm and comforting to Kara.

And that last panel just gets me: Aquaman and some of his finny friends, bathed in the light of sunset. Makes we want to see a separate Aquaman strip by Palmiotti and Conner!

This may be it for Aquaman in the Supergirl strip, but this week, over in Kyle Baker's kick-ass Hawkman feature, he and the people he's saved from a plane crash are coming to realize they've landed on Dinosaur Island!

That means Aquaman should be showing up soon, so there's more Sea King coming in Wednesday Comics!


David J. Cutler said...

I was unsure of how I felt about Arthur flipping on Supergirl, too, but I guess he made up for it. I was actually looking forward to the idea that Aquaman could talk to all animals--it would make his telepathy make a little more sense to me. Aren't dolphins pretty much as different from fish as dogs are?

Beautiful art, though, especially the colouring. I wish more DC books looked like this.

Chris said...

I really enjoyed this. The art is cute but beautiful and Arthur looks great chatting on his shell phone!
And I agree, I'd love to see an Aquaman serial like this drawn by Amanda Conner!

Wings1295 said...

Looks like great fun, to me! Drawn so beautifully and well-written, good introduction to super heroes, in my opinion! Aquaman is a bit testy, but it makes sense, he's a busy super hero! :)

Scurvy said...

I love the octopus with the clam phone holding it up, tapping his back trying to get his attention, and tugging at his leg. Hilarious!