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Sunday, August 23, 2009

DC Super Friends #18 - Oct. 2009

Comics Weekend "This Am Not The Title!" by Sholly Fisch and J. Bone.

I've been doing looks at issues of DC Super Friends only every so often, but over the last few months I've seen a definite uptick of quality, both in the writing and the art.

Add that to the fact this book, still, is the only regular place where Classic Aquaman can be seen, I think we'll being doing regular Comics Weekend posts on DC Super Friends each month from now on.

And this issue is a great time to start, because it features another one of my favorites, Bizarro Aquaman!:
The Bizarro Super Friends get an emergency signal ("Relax", "Chill Out", etc.) and they spring into action, saving Bizarro Lois Lane from being crushed by a collapsing house, in their own inimitable Bizarro fashion.

It dawns on them that their world is perfect (in that its total chaos), so they really aren't needed. They decide to go somewhere they can "mess things up", and of course that means...Earth!

Meanwhile, the Super Friends are dealing with the super-powerful robot Amazo:
The fight seems to be a standstill until the Bizarro Super Friends show up, causing all sorts of commotion. They destroy a dam in the process, so the Super Friends have to stop chasing after Amazo and safe the local people from the leaking waters.

The Super Friends are, to say the least, shocked at who these beings are, and try and get a grip on the whole Bizarro concept:
Amazo starts wrecking a nearby rollercoaster, so the Super Friends tell their Bizarro counterparts to stay put and not get into any trouble. Of course, we all know how the Bizarros are going to take that, and they waste no time getting into the middle of the fight.

Overwhelmed, Wonder Woman and Superman get an idea of how to deal with both problems at once: they tell Amazo and his creator that they are giving up! The Bizarro Super Friends hear that, which is all they need to do the opposite: attack Amazo!

And since Amazo copies whoever he's fighting, he then starts becoming a clumsy, stupid Bizarro himself:
Amazo, inheriting Bizarro Flash's laziness and sloth, settles down for a nap. His creator and master gets so angry he turns Amazo off, screaming to the heavens in frustration that he has once again been outfoxed by the Super Friends!

The crowd start congratulating the Bizarros, which (of course) freak them out, so they decide to return to their home planet:
A wonderful story, completely true to the characters yet perfect for wee kid readers. J. Bone is the perfect artist for this series, making the characters look like the kid-safe versions the toy line created, but funky and quirky enough to give the book a real visual kick.

This is also comes with a handy guide helping you determine if you're a Super Friend or a Bizarro:
...that little girl poking a snoozing Bizarro Flash makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Aquaman (either version!) doesn't get much to do in this issue, but that's okay: every Super Friend gets their turn to shine in this series, and he'll surely have more to do in future issues.


Wings1295 said...

Not look fun!


Llessur said...

That panel where Bizarro Aquaman is yelling at the "dopey fish" made me laugh out loud. It was just too, too silly. I think I'll scan it and add it to my desktop pic rotation.