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Monday, August 03, 2009

Aquaman Vs. Black Manta Action League - 2009

I stopped by my local Target on Friday, and what did I find? Pure gold, that's what!

This is the Aquaman vs. Black Manta "Action League" two-pack, part of a new line of Brave and the Bold toys. Not only is it just great that Aquaman gets another action figure, but I really love this sculpting style--its fun, dynamic, and, well, bold.

These are some snazzy-looking figures--and dig the old school seascape on the package, it looks like a Filmation background painting!

The other two-packs in this line are Batman Vs. Kanjar Ro, Plastic Man and Blue Beetle, and Batman and Red Tornado. There's also a six-pack available, featuring an exclusive Gentleman Ghost figure.

Its quite possible, when all is said and done, Brave and the Bold will do more for Aquaman than it will for Batman!


Anonymous said...

check this out
jet powered Aquaman

Earth 2 Chris said...

I was just about to send you an email on these. My son picked up the Batmobile (with Batman and Clock King), and the Blue Beetle/Plastic Man 2-pack, but we saw the Aqua-set too. Andrew passed on poor Arthur this time. Poor guy.

These are obviously taking a page out of Hasbro's book, with all the mini-figures from Star Wars (Galactic Heroes) and Marvel (Super Hero Squad) but WHO CARES? They are great, and cheap!

Oh, and the background of the Plas/BB pack features the JLA satellite!


Wings1295 said...

Now THIS is fun and "Aquaman", not like the Zombie thing.

Love this guy, he will definitely be finding a spot on my "shrine". :)

chunky B said...

Nice catch Rob! I'm digging the package background as well.

Russell said...

The six pack is exclusive to Toys R Us. I saw it over the weekend, but not the A vs BM twofer. Curses! There is also a nifty Batman-Gentleman Ghost-ghost horse 2 (3?) pack available. They're adorable.

Russell said...

Found mine today! Hooray!!

Orin's Dad said...

Thanks for the tip on this! I made it to Target this week and got two; one to keep and one for me and Orin to play with!