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Sunday, August 02, 2009

From Atlantis To Hollywood, Part 1

sgHey AquaFans! Today we're starting a new feature called "From Atlantis to Hollywood", which will try and track the development of the (fingers and flippers crossed) Aquaman live-action movie.

It all started when I saw this story from The Hollywood Reporter, that Leonardo DiCaprio's production company, Appian Way, is supposedly developing the Sea King as a movie.

What gave me the idea to start an ongoing feature was another article (sent to me by an Anonymous commenter--DiCaprio himself, surely), this one from Total Film, saying something similar.

Now...I'm not going to get too excited here (as a comics fan, I remember reading about the Batman movie that was sure to hit movie screens in...Summer 1981), since from what I've read there's not even a script yet, so of course there's about a million steps between where we are now and sitting in a movie theater watching Aquaman: The Movie.

But, as we all know, movie studios take obsessive fans (guilty!) more seriously now than they used to, and some productions have even given certain blogs exclusive details about said movie, as a way to make nice and to help build buzz for the movie (Peter Jackson's King Kong comes to mind as particularly fine example of this trend).

So starting today, I want the Shrine to keep track of, and talk about, every single instance of "the" Aquaman movie as it moves along the production process. If any of you come across an article about a possible Aquaman movie, please send it in to the Shrine and we'll post it here (for those of you so inclined who are not yet F.O.A.M. members, this will get you enrolled!). There's a "From Atlantis to Hollywood" button now permanently affixed to the list of labels on the right so anyone who wants to send something in can check and see if we've covered it previously.

And maybe, just maybe, if an Aquaman movie does start to become a reality, those people responsible for making it will turn to the most centralized on-line location for die-hard AquaFans they can find...The Aquaman Shrine.*

So keep an eye out, True Believers!

(*No offense, Laura!)


Tegan said...

None taken! You do a better job keeping up on things than I do anyway!

Wings1295 said...

Oh boy. Well, if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. Let's just hope it is totally AWESOME! :)