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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Adventures in The DC Universe #18 - Sept. 1998

Comics Weekend "Destroy the JLA!" by Steve Vance, John Delaney, and Ron Boyd.

This issue of Adventures in the DC Universe, the last to star the JLA, hits the ground running with a knock-down, drag-out battle against Amazo:
Amazo defeats all of the JLA...until we see that the whole thing is a training exercise, an elaborate illusion created by Professor Ivo, Amazo's creator.

Ivo is happy to see how well Amazo performs against the fake JLAers, but what he doesn't realize is that his creation has somehow started to develop human-like feelings. He just wants to please his creator, and takes pride in the compliments Ivo gives him.

Ivo then gives Amazo his marching orders: to get the JLA's attention by arriving in one of their member's hometown, Metropolis!

From the Watchtower, the JLA sees the "Die JLA" threat carved into the ground of Metropolis Park, so of course they show up:
The JLA is careful not to let the battle with Amazo get to out of control, otherwise it could spill over and wreck Metropolis and hurt innocent people.

They go after Amazo as a team, but his ability to mimic the powers of all the JLAers keep them at bay:

Since Amazo can't use more than one of his powers at a time, the JLA tries to keep Amazo off balance, giving them the time for Batman to come up with a plan.

While Amazo fights Superman, Batman clues Green Lantern in on his plan: setting off a small nuclear device(!), which Green Lantern will contain with his power ring. He then harnesses the massive electromagnetic pulse that comes from the explosion, aiming it at Amazo, nearly destroying him!

Professor Ivo, watching all this from afar, orders Amazo to disengage and return home until Ivo can rework him. But Amazo won't listen, and wakes up, resuming his attack on the JLA.

Ivo finally demands Amazo stop his attack, and he listens. The JLA follows Amazo, but when they get close to Ivo's base, they find all their powers have disappeared!

Ivo confronts them, and says he plans to drain all their powers completely. Not for Amazo, who Ivo is ready to junk, but for the army of Amazos he has ready to go:

A solid story, with a great ending, too bad Aquaman got so little to do!

In the end, though, this is really a story about Amazo and Ivo, with the JLA as the catalysts, so I guess its understandable that most of them don't play that large a role.

This was the JLA's, and Aquaman's, final appearance in Adventures in the DC Universe, and the title, sadly, would be canceled a few issues later. Too bad; it was a decent series, and a lot of fun. I would have liked to see Vance, Delaney, and Boyd's take on a Classic Aquaman story.


Anonymous said...

new aquaman Movie in the works ?

BentonGrey said...

A surprisingly good story for this run. This is one of the more interesting things I've seen done with Amazo. I suppose there was a lot of that in this series, good ideas and mediocre execution. They were definitely handicapped by their cartoony art, but more by the brevity of their tales. They still managed to pull of some pretty good stories, though. You know, I'd sorta' like to see a story where Aquaman turned out to be the key to defeating Amazo...but they always give Batman that honor.