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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guest Post by Rascal

sgWelcome to the Aquaman Shrine's first-ever guest post!

I had been wanting to do something like this for a while (Great Neptune, how many times have I said that?), but it wasn't until my pal and F.O.A.M. member Shag Matthews posted the first of a series of commentaries by his step-son, "Rascal", that I knew who was the first person I would ask to do an Aquaman Shrine Guest Post.

When Shag had him write his first guest-shot, Rascal chose, out of all the possible subjects and characters, to talk about Aquaman, which you can read here.

Rascal's blunt statements regarding Aquaman charmed me to no end, so I asked Shag if Rascal would like to write something for the Shrine. Not only did Rascal say yes, but he also whipped up some accompanying drawings--enjoy!

Aquaman's Better Than You Think
by the Rambunctious Rascal (age 9 ½)

Aquaman's a pretty cool guy because he's got some pretty good powers. Like he can talk to underwater animals. See if you can do that. Betcha can't.

I like him on Batman Brave and the Bold. Except he's a showoff himself. I'm sorry Peter David but they are trying to make a fool out of your guy.

I would really like to see another one of Aquaman's comics. I'd like to have one of his comics myself. Wouldn't it be neat if I were in one? You know what I would do? I would kick Black Manta's little tail-hole across the Pacific. And then if Mysterio came into the picture, I'd pull that little goldfish bowl off his head. What do you expect, a guy in tights, with eyes for a cape holder, and a purple cape, with a fishbowl for a helmet. You gotta say that Mysterio's pretty stupid. And if Aquaman ran into Mysterio, I think he could do better. He could summon some sharks to eat Mysterio's legs off and arms. And then he could punch him with his super-strength.

If I were King of Atlantis, I would make them clean up all the garbage in the ocean and then come up to the surface and then kick the garbage companies butts. If you were King of Atlantis, what would you do? If you would like to tell me, then just write a comment.

Well thanks for coming on to this awesome web site.


"They run in fear, because of his power...Aquaman."

Well said, Rascal, and thanks for filling in for me today on the Aquaman Shrine!


chunky B said...

Those illustrations are priceless.

Doug said...

That was priceless!

I'd like to see Rascal do a guest spot over on his old man's Firestorm blog!

Thanks for sharing this with us, Rob!

The Irredeemable Shag said...

First, my thanks to Rob for letting Rascal guest blog on his site today! I know Rascal feels honored and is thrilled about the opportunity.

Second, thanks for everyone's kind words. He's a great kid and has a real passion for superheroes.

The Irredeemable Shag

Jay said...


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of something I wrote about Aquaman on my own blog once, but Rascal is a much better writer than me.