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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Aquaman Prototype Figure - 2004

F.O.A.M. member Chris Rees sent me this shot of the original prototype to the Aquaman action figure that was eventually released as part of the JLA line back in 2004.

According to Chris, "
[This is] the prototype figure that was going to be released before the new creative team took over the comic book and gave him back his orange shirt. Of course, after that, this figure was released without the facial hair and with the shirt.

I like this figure and I still kinda hope they might release one like it someday."

Hey, I'm all for every Aqua-variant I can get my hands on. Thanks Chris!


Andy Luckett said...

I agree with Chris; I would love to see this figure released someday, maybe as part of an "Alternate Costumes" line by DC Direct or something. After all, Artie did wear it for around 13-14 issues or so, the entire Veitch run. Maybe we should petition DC Direct to release it, along with classic Mera, Tula, Arthur Jr., Tempest and Topo figures.

I can hope, can't I?

Wings1295 said...

Hey, better than the hook-hand version!

I'm not sure of your policy on web awards, but I have given you the "Uber Amazing Blog" Award. Had to, I just love this blog. :)

rob! said...

Thanks Joe!!


Man, I'd LOVE to see a Tula figure. :)

Oscar Olalde said...

Aaah!, I swear I saw that one on ebay couple of years ago, don't know if it was the actual thing (there was a melon colored background behind it), I was broke and of course didn't know it's value, but it was at least 30 bucks.

For shame, and I've been looking for it ever since I got my ebay account set.