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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Aquaman Casting Call Contest

Welcome to the Aquaman Casting Call Contest!

Last week, the Shrine (read: me) was contacted by Simon & Schuster about a new hardcover book they have out, called The Wolverine Files,
written by long time comics scribe Mike W. Barr, all about everyone's favorite adamantium-festooned mutant.
They asked if the Shrine wanted to do some sort of contest to give away a copy or two of the book, which sounded great to me, but...what, if any, connection was there between Aquaman and Wolverine, other than at one time they both had the ability to poke people's eyes out?

That's when it occurred to me that if Arthur and Logan ever crossed over, at all, it would've been in the pages of the DC vs. Marvel mini-series. Not owning that series, I asked you, devoted Aqua-Fans, to provide me with any shots that might feature the two of them together.

Of course, a bunch of you stepped up to the plate and sent me the relevant pages, two of which you see above. You guys are the greatest!

With that tenuous connection established, I thought, what contest could I come up with that would be fun for people to enter that, again, could connect Aquaman and Wolverine?
Then I thought, hey, X-Men Origins: Wolverine just came out over the summer, so why not ask people to cast the sure-to-never-be-made-outside-of-Entourage Aquaman movie?

So that's the contest--email the Shrine your dream cast of the Aquaman movie. But you can't just cast the Sea King--you have to list your choices for the following characters:

Aquagirl (Lorena version)
Black Manta
Ocean Master
Tom Curry (Aquaman's lighthouse keeper father, classic origin version)

(Possible Tie-Breaker/Extra Point question: Who should direct the movie?)

...you can either just send your list of names, although reasons why you think these are the best possible choices are more fun! And, if you are casting relatively unknown people, links to pictures of them on the web/their imdb profiles would be extremely helpful.

We have *five* copies of The Wolverine Files to give out, so the entries with the five most interesting (as judged by me) lists will be the winners. And of those five, the one I think is the best of the best will also win an as-yet-undetermined Aquaman prize, to boot!

Entries must be submitted via e-mail and by 10:00pm, Sunday, August 9th. The only rule as to who you can cast is the actors and actresses must be living--none of this "Errol Flynn as Aquaman" stuff. (You can submit multiple lists, but I can't imagine anyone doing so!)

So that's it--I look forward to everyone's thoughts as to who would--nay, should--star in Aquaman: The Movie!

For more info on The Wolverine Files, you can click here!

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Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

Okay, Rob. You already know my choice for Aquaman but I'll try to surprise you with the others. One question, though - why the Loreena version of Aquagirl? You dissin' my Tula? :-)

BentonGrey said...

Yeah, like Vince said, why Loreena? Tula was awesome, and she's a product of a better time in Aquaman's history!

rob! said...

No disrespect to Tula intended (I actually love that character).

Its just that, to me, you really can't have Tula without Aqualad, and I thought that was just too long a list.

Lorena I think is the best addition to the AquaFamily since the core group of the 60s, and I thought she'd be fun to see in a movie, so that's why I added her but left off Tula and Garth.

Sorry, Tula fans!

BentonGrey said...

Well, that makes sense I suppose. It would be a difficult movie to balance and pace that would include Garth AND Tula. Still, I say (as if my opinion could carry any weight on the subject) that we need the origin story, introducing Mera and Manta or Ocean Master in the first movie, and a sequel introducing Garth and Tula, and maybe Fisherman, Scavenger, The Shark, or a revamped Marine Marauder/O.G.R.E. storyline. I should so be writing Aquaman....;)