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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Action Comics #537 - Nov. 1982

Comics Weekend "Something Fishy!" by Bob Rozakis, Alex Saviuk, and Joe Giella.

Picking up from last issue, Aquaman--haunted by dreams of his wife Mera, last seen stuck in another dimension--saves a deep-sea diver trapped in an undersea quake, only to discover the person he saved...is Mera!:

...Aquaman, quite the ladies' man!

The Navy admiral and Dr. Carmel insist this woman is who she says she is, but Aquaman is equally insistent. So they decide--and she agrees--to hook her up to the same brain-monitoring machine that Aquaman subjected himself to before the quake.

The test results are inconclusive, so Aquaman tries something else: to have Lt. Bridgeman go underwater with him, to see if she can breathe underwater. Not only is she willing to put up with all this, but she looks great in a bikini:
Further testing what she can do, Lt. Bridgeman--who Aquaman flat-out calls Mera now--tries to communicate with sea life, and she sees that she can!

Unfortunately, her thoughts somehow turn a bunch of nearby swordish into marauding attackers, and she's unable to get them to stop! Aquaman is able to turn them around, but then a dolphin comes by, hitting him from behind:
...to be continued!

Penciller Alex Saviuk--who turned in some great work on these strips--was subjected to a revolving door of inkers. Vince Colletta, Dennis Jensen, Frank Chiaramonte, Pablo Marcos, Frank McLaughlin, and now Joe Giella all had their turn, each with different results--some good, some not so good.

Which is too bad, because one of the things I think Aquaman as a character has suffered the most from is inconsistency, of both tone and look, over the decades. And Saviuk did really nice work here, its too bad DC couldn't find one inker to handle the strip for its brief run.


Joseph Tages said...

I sorta liked Joe Giella's work on Mera here, especially her underwater scenes and close-ups there.

McLaughlin wasn't too bad in the previous story either. Unlike the static look he gave Dick Dillin and other pencillers, Frank makes Aquaman look very Chuck Patton-ish there, which is good.

Tusky said...

Joe Giella was one of the worst inkers DC had in its roster. He ruined plenty of decent pencils and not just by Alex Saviuk.