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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Action Comics #536 - Oct. 1982

Comics Weekend "I Talk To The Seas, But They Don't Listen To Me!" by Bob Rozakis, Alex Saviuk, and Frank McLaughlin.

After several issues in a story featuring back-ups starring Atom and/or Air Wave, Aquaman returned to Action Comics
Inside the sea station, Aquaman is introduced to S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Dr. Todd Carmel, who has built a machine that can tap into Aquaman's mind to see just how he communicates with sea life, which ought to help the Navy how to communicate better with the creatures of the sea, as well.

Aquaman asks if the machine could also be used to tap into a person's memories, and determine whether a specific memory is real or imagined.

Dr. Carmel says it might, and is willing to try, so they hook Aquaman up to the machine, where he conjures up memories of Mera. But within a few moments, the entire ship starts to list, and Aquaman heads outside to see what's happening.

One sailor seems terrified to fall overboard, which strikes Aquaman as odd. He grabs the sailor, and asks what he's so scared of:
...to be continued!

It would seem by this point, DC planned to eventually phase out back-ups in Action Comics. Not only did the story get reduced by one page (from eight to seven), but they stopped mentioning the back-ups on the cover of the book.

But Aquaman would hold on for a few more issues, and we'll continue with them tomorrow!

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Russell said...

I just recently listened to some old Smothers Brothers comedy routines and one of them has Tom singing, "I Talk To The Trees" from that wonderful, wonderful musical, "Paint Your Wagon." The next line of the song is, of course, "But they don't listen to me." (and that's as far as Tom can get before Dick interrupts with because it's "a stupid, stupid song.") Anyway, that's where THIS story's title came from.

And I always found it odd (and a tad lazy) for artists to show Aquaman and Mera in a "normal" bed. They're underwater, people. Do you really think they'd sleep in a bed with sheets, etc? And him in his outfit, to boot?

Don't really care for Frank McLaughlin's inks on Alex Saviuk's pencils. All of McLaughlin's inks look the same to me, kind of like Vince Colletta's inks on stuff all looked the same, too.