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Friday, May 01, 2009

People V. Aquaman - Maxim Magazine

sgI've had this piece in my "To Post" folder for a long time (in fact, its the single oldest item in there), but I've always been loathe to put it up here.

I say that because its a one-page gag strip from Maxim magazine, and I really hate it--its the kind of lazy joke-writing that makes me roll my eyes and grit my teeth: Aquaman is lame, har-har! Next issue we'll really push the envelope, and make fun of Star Trek fans!

Plus, it ends with a nasty, mean-spirited joke, the kind of gag that affirms the writer, and the people reading it, are so much cooler than everyone else.

But...in my efforts to catalog every single instance of Aquaman in the culture, I felt compelled to post this some day. Having put it off for over two and a half years, I finally decided to bite the bullet. So here it is.

Click the graphic to see a readable version. Or better yet, don't.

Not wanting to end this post on such a down note, I thought I'd finally put up this, the preview image that's going around of the upcoming Ocean Master figure from DC Direct. (A bunch of you guys sent me this picture last week--thanks all!)

This certainly is a handsome picture, a pretty close approximation of the classic 60s/70s version of the character.

Other than than the Mini-Mates version, this is the first official Ocean Master figure ever. Huzzah!

Since I still haven't washed the bitter taste of the Maxim piece out of my mouth yet, here's more anticipatory good news concerning Aquaman: the upcoming release of Super Friends: The Lost Episodes on August 11th!

What's Super Friends: The Lost Episodes, you ask? Well, click on the graphic and find out!

Thanks to F.O.A.M.er Vince Bartilucci for the tip!

We have some more good news for today, this time from comics legend Frank McLaughlin--the debut of his official site!

Reading Justice League of America through all of my childhood as I did, it was a great thrill getting to meet Frank at the 2007 New York Comic Con, where he did this Aquaman headshot for me. And then, a few weeks later, I got to interview Frank for my JLA Satellite blog, which was even cooler!

Since then, I've had the honor of becoming friends with Frank, and just yesterday he let me know about the creation of his new site. So fans of classic comic art, please go check it out, and tell them The Aquaman Shrine sent you!


Richard said...

Wow...I remember the two of us talking about the lack of an Ocean Master figure at the DC Direct display at NYCC this year, and here it is! So this is what it feels like to have power and influence...

Russell said...

Great news re the Ocean Master figure and Lost Super Friends DVD. I like that picture of Artie diving towards the camera. Nice job, Warner! (I just hope Aquaman is actually IN the shows, as I have never seen any of these....!)

BentonGrey said...

Bah, not only is that Maxim thing stupid, it's also just plain wrong. Why does everyone freaking forget that Aquaman is super strong!?

Anyway, good news about that Ocean Master figure...but why, oh why did they go with the pink and purple costume? I want to see a modernized variation where he doesn't look like quite so....flamboyant. I like the more recent look where he has gray and purple. It looks a lot more dignified.

Wings1295 said...

Well, I think the Ocean Master figure and the news about the DVD set and your friend's new blog more than make up for the sucky MAXIM crap!

chunky B said...

Wow, they really print crude like that in Maxim Magazine? What is Maxim anyway? A magazine for the up and coming bully? I'm surprised they found some one to illustrate that.

Cool news on the DVD and Ocean Master, by the way.