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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Batman: Brave and the Bold #4 - June 2009

Comics Weekend "Menace of the Time Thief!" by Matt Wayne, Andy Suriano, and Dan Davis.

Aquaman made his second appearance--his first as the full team-up co-star--in DC's Brave and the Bold tie-in title, which came out last week!

After the teaser team-up with Sugar & Spike(!!), we get to the main story, where Aquaman is enjoying Atlantis' celebration of Earth Day...but in the year 2011!:
After Batman and Aquaman defeat the rogue dino, Batman notices a stone monument that he knows wasn't there yesterday, yet it shows up on all the previous day's satellite photos. Strange!

While trying to figure this out, our heroes are attacked by...roman soldiers? That's it, somebody's messing with the time stream!

Batman and Aquaman go to visit the resident expert on time, Rip Hunter (Rip Hunter and Sugar & Spike in the same comic? Nice going, Mr. Wayne!), who explains to them what might be happening.

Just as Bats and Arthur are about to hop into Rip's Time Sphere and investigate, Rip and his partner Bonnie turn into cave people! Batman and Aquaman hop into Rip's time machine and take off, going all the way back to 150 A.D.!

They arrive to find all manner of people--roman soldiers, samurai, cowboys--intermingled. After getting past them, they head to the temple of Archimedes:
...Dr. Cyber!

Cyber says she setting the world back to zero, essentially, because modern man has made a hash of it--toxic waste, global warming, etc.

Batman of course is having none of it, and he and Aquaman both jump onto Cyber's time-hopping obelisk before she escapes. They soar through many different eras of the world, only to arrive at 2011. Destination: Atlantis!
Dr. Cyber's meddling with the time stream causes the people of Atlantis to revert back to pre-historic fish, ones too wild to listen to the telepathic commands of Aquaman.

A giant Liopleurodon threatens Atlantis itself, but Dr. Cyber, realizing what she's done, tries to stop it herself, but fails. Batman steps in and dazes the beast long enough for Cyber to try and abort everything she's done.

Batman warns her that since her machine was damaged during its trip, it might not work properly, and she might be "scattered across time!"

Cyber says she has to take the risk, and disappears. Moments later, all of time is restored:
A fun little story. I wish Aquaman had had more to do--he essentially just tags along with Batman for this adventure, and doesn't contribute much--but of course I'm happy just to have 95% Classic Aquaman in a DC comic.

There's also a one-page "Hero File"-ish feature, featuring some salient facts about Dr. Cyber and Aquaman. Let's hope he returns to Brave and the Bold soon!

By the way, today is Free Comic Book Day! Get thee to the nearest comic store and pick up some free books!

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