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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Action Comics #529 - March 1982

Comics Weekend "Death If By Land...Death If By Sea!" by Bob Rozakis, Alex Saviuk, and Pablo Marcos.

Continued last issue, Aquaman has taken it upon himself to help defend the undersea society of Vortuma against a group of marauders called the Land-Masters
Aquaman leads the denizens of Vortuma to safety inside a nearby cave. But just as he gets them all inside, he is hit on the head and knocked out by a tentacle holding a rock.

When he finally awakens, Aquaman finds himself in the middle of some sort of desert--with no water in sight.

After staggering through under the blazing sun, Aquaman encounters some of the Land-Masters. Hoping they're not the same ones he met before, he tries to communicate with them, to no effect.

He then grabs one of their shirts, and find it tears off in his hands, spilling water all over him. Aquaman is confused--the Land-Masters were supposed to be air-breathers, so what are they doing with the water inside their suits?

The other two of the other Land-Masters run off, and Aquaman chases them, discovering...open water!

Too weak to run any further, he collapses, and let's himself roll downhill into the sea:
...Aquaman discovers that the Land-Masters are the same creatures as the citizens of Vortuma!

A battle starts, and Aquaman manages to fend them off long enough for his friends who he left in the cave to reemerge, and together they defeat the Land-Masters:
...to be continued!

This final chapter in this part of the story is maybe a tad too condensed for just eight pages, considering all that has to happen.

But overall it works well, and penciller Alex Saviuk pulls off a couple of very nice shots, aided tremendously by colorist Tom Ziuko, like the final panels of pages two and six, above.

Tomorrow, Aquaman tries to get home, with help from The Atom!

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Russell said...

I always liked Alex Saviuk's art. It seemd very clear and crisp and competent, sort of like Dick Dillin in his heyday.