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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Action Comics #530 - April 1982

Comics Weekend "Home...Home On The Waves!" by Bob Rozakis, Alex Saviuk, and Frank Chiaramonte.

Aquaman, at the end of last issue, has helped the citizens of Vortuma fight off the assault of the Land-Masters. But this still leaves him stuck on their planet, with no conceivable way of getting home
The leader of Vortuma mentions something called the Vibrus, a malevolent creature that lives in the depths of the sea. When attacked, it gives off high levels of vibration-energy, energy that maybe could be used to replicate the beam that brought Aquaman there!

Aquaman finds the Vibrus--a magenta-colored, multi-fanged creature--and attacks it with just enough force that it expels some of its energy into Aquaman, causing the Sea King to dematerialize!

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Ray Palmer is on a sailing cruise with his wife Jean. Ray is enjoying himself, but Jean is nothing but complaints, especially about them having to be there to rendevous with Aquaman:
...I love the fact that, no matter where she appeared, Jean Loring was always written as a real shrew. Always complaining, no matter what the situation, and Ray's just too dumb to see that they aren't a good match (boy, have I been there). He's probably blinded by the kind of outfits that Jean is wearing here--you never saw Lois Lane show that much skin.

Anyway, Ray finds an unconscious Aquaman, and has to change into The Atom to have enough strength to bring Arthur to the surface:
It was The Atom and then Air Wave's turn at the Action Comics back-up slot, with Aquaman returning in #536, which we'll see here next Comics Weekend!


Russell said...

I liked how these stories were interwoven. I know that in my office I'll start off working with somebody, then do my own thing, then "team-up" with others to finish up a job. I thought that most of the time these "team-ups that weren't" were pretty well handled. Kudos to Bob Rozakis for doing a good job on them.

BentonGrey said...

Yeah, these seem like some fun tales. Ahh...Ray and Jean before all that ugliness. What a shame.

Joseph Tages said...

Ray and Jean back in their glory days, yeah. I miss that. Jean looks a lot like Carol Ferris in this story.

As an aside: I believe the cover feature is the last appearance of the Silver Age Brainiac before Ed Hannigan's robotic version makes its debut the following year.