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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lois Lane's Guide To Life - 2007

This is a nifty little item given to me F.O.A.M. member George Rears--a little boxed set, measuring about 4 x 5", containing a book called Lois Lane's Dating Handbook as well as 16 magnets featuring classic covers from the Lois Lane series.

The book is presented as if was written by Lois (with a little more adult-oriented humor than you'd expect--some of it is genuinely funny), and features her answering letters from the lovelorn, like one asking Lois whether Superman has any "cute, available" super friends:
"You never know with those two."--well said Ms. Lane, well said.

The book also features some stock art shots by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, and the covers put on the magnets are well chosen. Overall, it makes for quite an attractive and fun package. Thanks George!

(Someday I have to get around to getting a copy of the above issue of Lois Lane. That cover is just too good!)


Russell said...

I've seen this at my Barnes & Nobles. Too funny.

Rob, you have *read* this issue of LOIS LANE, haven't you? I seem to recall reading a recap of this story from somewhere, and I thought it was here...!

Wings1295 said...

Boy - Aquaman turns up in the darndest places!

rob! said...


I don't think I've ever read that issue of LL. At the very least, I've never written about it on the Shrine...


Boy - Aquaman turns up in the darndest places!You've summed up the Shrine's entire mission in just a few words!

BentonGrey said...

Haha, what a funny little book. Is it just me, or is Lois a little callous about the possible break up of poor Arthur's marriage? ;)

Russell said...

maybe it was a Hembeck profiling...? I seem to recall (VERY vaguely)that Lois was poisoned, and needed to be given the antidote in small doses, so Superman asked his buddies to coat their lips with the antidote and kiss her...? Don't remember why Supes didn't just do it himself, though.... I'll have to do a search for this. I'll get back to you. :-)

Russell said...

Well, I couldn't find anything from Hembeck or from any of the other slightly odd sources I tried. I found a synopsis for LOIS LANE 29 on
THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC link on the right, though. From reading that I see I mis-remembered a few things, but I'm pretty sure I have read this story somewhere...!

Grears said...

I seem to have an new mission in life of looking for Aquaman in the craziest places. Whenever I am out of town I check flea markets, Wal-marts, and Targets for any and everything Aqua. Two seeks ago I was sending Rob photos from my vacation- not of me, but of Black Manta blister packs and JLA pajama pants! - George