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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LCA Ad - 1974

This was a really unique ad (click to see a readable version) sent to me a while back by F.O.A.M. member Brian "Plaid Stallions" Heiler, who is the go-to guy for any kind of licensing bric-a-brac. Thanks Brian!

For a long time, pretty much any licensed product you bought was done through the Licensing Corporation of America. As you can see from the logos/trademarks on this ad, they had a lot of big clients!

The stock shots of the DC heroes are a real mixed bag--the Superman, Batman, and Shazam! poses are stock shots you've seen a thousand times, and Wonder Woman and Robin are from Alex Toth's Super Friends logo.

The Flash has an arm that looks like it drags on the ground, and the Aquaman pose was a stock shot that showed only every so often--it can be seen on the SuperAdventure Colorforms Set, for instance.

On an unrelated note, I wonder how much demand their was for "Weird Harold" merchandise?

1 comment:

Russell said...

Oooh, I want my own merchandise! There I am, right next to Weird Harold!