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Thursday, April 02, 2009

JLA Gift Set Aquaman Figure - 2005

sgThis was one of the few Aquaman action figures I didn't yet own--it was part of a five figure JLA set produced by DC Direct in 2005.

The set also featured Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, and (I think) retailed for something like fifty bucks at the time.

While I was thrilled that Aquaman was included instead of Flash (sorry, Dix), the price tag--and the fact that it was this version of Aquaman--kept me from picking up the set.

I waited for years to find the figure for sale on eBay, and just a few weeks ago someone was selling one for around $10, which was what I was willing to pay.

Now that I can see it in person, I can see it is a handsome figure--but I really don't expect anything less from DC Direct.

I'm so glad I have it now!


Andy Luckett said...

Glad to see that you got this figure, Rob. It's a hard one to find without the others in the set, even loose. I'm still looking for one myself.

Wings1295 said...

Nice figure. Looks better than the large figure in this costume with the molded flying hair.

This is the one I am talking about, one of my least favorites.

Dixon said...

Apology accepted, Rob. You know that I'm always pleased to see Aquaman receive the respect he has earned.

Oscar Olalde said...

$10 on ebay, man, what a find, other sellers are asking nothing less of $25 and stating their figures might have slight damege, (right, sure).

I'll keep waiting for another one like that.

David Cutler said...

Got this one the same way--10 bucks on ebay, out of package, loose from the rest of the JLA--in 2006 or so. 90s Aquaman isn't my favorite incarnation, but I'm still pretty into the design, and this is hands down the best plastic version we've ever seen of the PAD version.