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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Adventures of Bob Hope #94 - Sept. 1965

I never make a a big deal about April Fool's Day each year; that's mostly because I've just never been a fan of practical jokes (I find most of them kinda cruel), so a whole day devoted to fooling people always left me cold.

But I've had this book in my collection for a few years, and never found the right time to post it--and of course April Fool's Day seems like the perfect time.

In "Missile Beach Party", by Arnold Drake and Bob Oksner, our hero gets involved in some shenanigans on the beach--ending with Bob becoming an astronaut!

Bob makes his way to Venus, and after he jumps into the ocean, he finds he's not alone!:
Aquaman rarely--if ever--participated in the horseplay that was the stock-in-trade of fellow DC stars Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis, so this little gag always really charmed me.

See? The Sea King does have a sense of humor!


Russell said...

Nice! I would never have imagined looking in BOB HOPE for Aquaman appearances.

Wings1295 said...

At first I thought this was YOUR Aprils Fool's joke on all of us!