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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Invasion! Book 2 - 1988

Comics Weekend It's the Invasion!

By this point in time, I had grown completely disinterested in DC's (or Marvel's) massive crossover "events". It seemed like each successive crossover had diminishing returns (in terms of reading enjoyment and effect to the DCU), plus you had to buy more and more tie-in books to get the full story, so eventually I tuned out.

So I had never read any of Invasion!, but I had to buy this second issue for a post for I Am The Phantom Stranger, and was pleasantly surprised to see Aquaman involved!

First, he shows up in the obligatory group shot:
Later, different teams of superheroes form groups to combat the various alien invaders, and Aquaman leads the charge underwater, along with The Sea Devils and The Doom Patrol:
...now I guess you could argue that four pages out of an 80-page book isn't all that much.

But when you consider that his participation in the Crisis was negligible, and he didn't show up at all in Legends, I thought it was great to see Aquaman get some pages all to himself.

He shows up once more, in the wrap-up, palling around with Robotman :
Nice to know that the Sea King was an instrumental part in keeping our planet safe from marauding bands of alien invaders. Thanks Aquaman!

Invasion! Book Two by Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane, P.Craig Russell, Al Gordon, and Joe Rubinstein)



Anonymous said...

"Surprise, Space Scum!"

Ha, ha, King of the Seas, Lord of the Trash Talk.

Also, nice to see Aquaman recognized as THE world's foremost authority over the oceans in a situation like this. Now I'm suddenly somewhat interested in reading this crossover. Is it worth it to track it down, guys?

Doug said...

It's been collected, but a savvy shopper could probably also find it in $1 bins.

I wouldn't tell you to go out of your way looking for it, but if you happen across it (in said $1 bins) pick it up. Sure makes a lot more sense than Final Crisis did, even if this is the book that, in tandem with Hawkworld, threw Hawkman's continuity in the blender at the time.

As for Aquaman palling with the DP, he was in the last pre-Morrison issue of Doom Patrol. It tied into this Invasion segment here. Maybe I'll make some time for that over yonder this weekend.

Great job Rob! Nice to see the Sea king again rendered by Todd McFarlane.

Hatter J said...

Aquaman actually had a pretty good guest spot in the tie-in to this: Doom Patrol #17. Naturally it also featured the Sea Devils and Aqualad.