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Sunday, March 22, 2009

History of the DC Universe #2 - Feb. 1987

Comics Weekend It's The History of the DC Universe!

In the wake of the Crisis, DC had Marv Wolfman and George Perez put together an interesting little follow-up series (as if they weren't already exhausted), giving readers the Who What Where and When of this new universe, as narrated by the Harbinger.

With Wonder Woman being removed from the traditional DC timeline, I was delighted to see Aquaman's origin get slotted in alongside Superman and Batman's as the three most significant developments of The Silver Age:
The book then gives the development of The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Detective the lion's share of the attention, which is predictable but understandable.

But of course young Arthur Curry does emerge as Aquaman:
And he shows up in other places in the book, since as we know, Aquaman has been there for so many of the big important moments in DCU history, like the formation of the JLA:
...he even shows up once more, when the formation of JLA Detroit is covered.

It goes without saying (yet I'm about to), that seeing Aquaman drawn by George Perez is such a treat. Perez is many ways the perfect superhero artist, and his Aquaman was always an impressive figure.

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Anonymous said...

Aquaman's birth SHOULD be one of the most important events in the DC Universe. That's awesome that, for a short time, they realized it.