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Friday, February 27, 2009

Showcase #30 Ad - 1961

This house ad for Aquaman's first solo feature (in Showcase #s 30-33) was sent to me by Robby Reed (of the late, great Dial "B" For Blog). Thanks Robby!

Visually, its a pretty dull ad, so I think we can safely assume it was not done by DC's in-house design genius Ira Schnapp--I think the tip-off is the use of typesetting, as opposed to Ira's exquisitely hand-lettered text.

This ad is serving a double purpose, in that tomorrow for Comics Weekend we'll be talking about this very issue, Showcase #30! Be here!


Anonymous said...

Rob, The way you keep expanding the Shrine is really amazing. I like the graphical links on the right side (email, facebook, Actions figures, etc.) This is a world class blog.

Keep it coming.

PS. I miss Robby Reed. If you here of any new projects he starts, please let us know.

rob! said...


Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad people seem to like the new graphics. I thought it would be more visually compelling to have little graphics as opposed to just text.

Plus, I think it helps give people new to the character (if any of those people ever come here) a sense of just how much Aquaman is part of the culture, seeing all the different versions of him on display.