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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DC Super Friends Cupcake Rings - 2008

Its not a party without the DC Super Friends!

This is a set of "cupcake rings", little plastic doo-dads starring our favorite superheroes. Unusual that there are only four rings (not five), and that Aquaman got tapped in favor of Green Lantern. Boy, am I glad about that!

(I have to say, I would love to sit down and talk with whoever it is makes these kind of merchandising decisions--yes to Green Lantern for this thing, no to Aquaman on this one, etc. Its probably safe to assume that whoever makes these decisions can't imagine themselves being the subject of an interview, but I really would like to talk to them. I find this kind of stuff fascinating.)

Anyway, These were generously sent to me by F.O.A.M. member Rick Phillips (author of Plastic Man Platitudes, as well as several other blogs), and simply showed up one day at my door. Thanks Rick!


Rick L. Phillips said...

You're welcome Rob. When I saw Aquaman on one I knew I had to get it for you. I just wish that I could find Plastic Man or Captain America on more stuff like this. Espically Plas as there is very little merchandise with him.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for these for the last six months? Rick, where did you find them?

Paul DeBenedetto said...

It's funny, I was going to ask your advice on creating a Green Lantern blog modeled after yours. And look what I find! A knock on the Emerald one?!

In all seriousness I'd like to get a good idea on where to start with something like this, so if it's not too much trouble, shoot me an email or leave a comment on my current blog, Wednesday's Child.

rob! said...


i'd be happy to share my thoughts (though I don't know how much in the way of brilliant insight i have on the subject), so since i don't know your email, shoot me one (my email is on the right) and i'll write you back.

Rick L. Phillips said...

I found them on amazon.