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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Australian Super Powers 2009 Calendar

Judging by this calendar, sent to me by F.O.A.M. member Kyall Coulton (creator of the awesome Wonder Woman Collectors site) it is still somewhere around 1985 in Australia.

How else can you explain that the Super Powers brand is still be used on merchandise, twenty + years after the line folded up shop?

Don't get me wrong--I wish that DC's merchandise over here still looked like this, with the classic versions of the characters, as rendered by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and Eduardo Barretto:
...Aquaman is clearly swimming his way towards my birthday. He's diving into August 18th, and then will level out and swim toward the 16th. No, really.

Between this and the JLA Calendar I posted last week, it makes one wonder again why this cool stuff isn't available in the United States! Arrggghh!

Oh well, at least, thanks to Kyall, we got to see it. Thanks Kyall!


Anonymous said...

A couple thoughts.....
I like how The Atom was squeezed in to that main picture (directly in front of Green Arrow). I don't remember ever seeing him there before.
I like the JLA pic with Aquaman, but to me this is the "Wonder Woman clothing malfunction" picture (a magnet of this pose is available with the copy at the bottom saying something about the news of WW's clothing malfunction spreading far and wide).
1985 was a pretty good year. :-)

Rick L. Phillips said...

Didnt know your birthday was in August too. Mine is at the very end. Green Lantern is standing guard over my day.