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Monday, January 26, 2009

AquaSketch by Patrick Gleason - 2008

This commanding profile of the Sea King, by onetime regular Aquaman artist Patrick Gleason, is the last of the original pieces I managed to collect at the 2008 New York Comic Con.

Patrick was very nice to talk to, and I was thrilled when he told me he had heard of The Aquaman Shrine! He was so loaded down with commission requests by the time I got to him that he asked if it was okay that I came back the next day so he could work on the piece overnight.

Of course I said yes, and I was thrilled when he handed this back to me--his Aquaman definitely looks a tad different (more alien, almost Vulcan-ish to my eye) than how he's usually portrayed, but I like how tough and serious he looks.

If you were a supervillain, would you mess with a guy that looked like this?


PAT said...

That's what happens when you spend all of your days drawing aliens. :)
Stop on by again this year and Ill try to do something more worthy of the king!

rob! said...

"more worthy of the king"? what are you talking about? its a great piece!

i love how tough aquaman looks, but yet he still has that classic look.

Anonymous said...

I loved how Patrick Gleason was always good at making Aquaman's hair look WET. So many others didn't or couldn't. With Gleason, you could always tell when Aquaman was under water and when he had just come up for air.
Nice work, Mr. Gleason!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Russel, that's definitely true. I didn't like his style at first, but I eventually came to love just how POWERFUL he made Aquaman look.