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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Surf and Turf #9

sgAquaman and...The Creature Commandos?!?

After my last Surf & Turf cover got such a nice and enthusiastic response, I was inspired to keep going with the series.

But I wanted to try and start finding some more...unusual guest-stars, and I'd say I could have hardly done better than the Sea King teaming up with the Creature Commandos, one of DC's most insane concepts.

With the help of my pile of Who's Whos, it was easier for me to pair up Aquaman and another character, and have them be drawn by the same artist--in this case, the great Jerry Ordway.

I leave it to more imaginative people than me to come up with a plot that somehow involves Aquaman, The Creature Commandos, and Dr. Sivana!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow...I could DEFINITELY dream up a tale or ten for that kind of line-up. That's a fantastic cover Rob! I love how Aquaman seems like part of the team there, very nice. Let's see...alright, I've got one for you! Dr. Sivana is working on a time machine of his own design, and employing certain technologies stolen from Atlantis by Black Manta. His goal is to travel back in time and kill Billy Batson before he can become Captain Marvel, thereby removing the only real obstacle between him and control over Fawcett City.

Aquaman is tracking down the stolen Atlantian tech, afraid of what it might do in the wrong hands. He busts through a wall and tries to teach Sivana a lesson, but in the scuffle the device is damaged, hurling both men back through time!

Aquaman awakens to the sounds of artillery fire on a battlefield in WWII. He has been catapulted through time and space to the site of a German's weapon's facility currently under attack by...The Creature Commandos! There would be the standard mistaken identity bit where Aquaman had to fight their team, but eventually it would get sorted out when he saved one of them from a volley of Nazi fire. Aquaman would join them in their mission, smashing a few tanks and generally being awesome, as we discover that their mission is to track down their opposite numbers. The Germans have their own super-soldier program, and it is almost up and running!

Cut to Dr. Sivana, who landed at the same facility, but not being bulletproof and strong enough to punch through tank armor was captured by the Nazi's as they retreated. It turns out that this facility DID house the lab of one the architects of this Nazi program. Sivana quickly proves his brilliance in fixing one of his experiments when they reach the main lab, and convinces this scientist that he wants to help. In the lab are several Nazi creations, and maybe Master Man. There is also a human looking figure in a water filled tank, looking very forlorn.

Arthur and the Creature Commandos search the ruins of the smaller lab, looking for clues. The king drops automatically into a leadership role, and has to try and back off when this ruffles feathers within the Commandos. Suddenly, Aquaman's incredible mind receives a cry for help...from an Atlantian! As he wonders how that is possible, the group falls under a counter attack. Werewolf is captured, and hustled away. In fact, it seems like the attackers are much more interested in taking the team alive, rather than killing them. They finally escape, and Arthur decides that he HAS to aid the Atlantian, while the Commandos decide they have to rescue their comrade.

No surprise, they all end up in the facility now housing Sivana, who has aided his new Nazi friend to infect one of his newest acquisitions, a young Atlantian, with lycanthropy, extracted from the captured Werewolf. Out of the tube emerges....Sea Wolf!

The Atlantian told his sad tale to Aquaman via telepathy in the moments before he became a monster. He was banished from Atlantis in much the same way as Garth would be many years later (a fact that tugs at Aquaman's heartstrings) and while roaming the oceans in lonely exile, he encountered a sinking Nazi sub. He rescued the crew, and upon returning them to Germany, his kindness was repaid with capture.

There is a big, climactic battle, in which plenty of Nazi freaks are unleashed on the heroes. Sea Wolf and Aquaman square off, with Arthur trying to reach the man within the beast.

Behind all of this, Sivana has, of course, betrayed his Nazi benefactor, and stolen his equipment to fashion a crude time machine. Aquaman defeats Sea Wolf, who runs off. Arthur begins to give chase, wanting to help him, but he knows the danger of leaving Sivana unchecked. He leaps for the diminutive villain, just as the Commandos start mopping up, and they are once again hurled through time.

Aquaman smashes Sivana's toys, and, handing him over to the authorities, heads home with the fate of another Atlantian exile on his mind.

Wow....sorry for writing a novella, but spinning story concepts like that are one of my favorite passtimes. My little project is full of my own stories, and I have a backlog of more that I want to tell than I will ever likely have time for.

Rick L. Phillips said...

I'm not familiar with the Creature Commandos. I have seen them on the cover of comics but I never read them. So I would have to read them first before I could come up with a story. It is cool to see a new Surf and Turf. I imagine this would have been your Halloween issue if they were really being published.

rob! said...




Anonymous said...

Haha, wow that I took the time to type all that silliness out, or wow that you enjoyed it? In my defense, it was 1:00 in the morning and I really needed to be writing a paper...thus, I was more than willing to do just about anything else. :)

Diabolu Frank said...

Outstanding! I read CC as a kid, so this tugs at my nostalgia bone...

Anonymous said...

The Creature Commandos just made their return to the DCU in the recently released Action Comics #872.

Swinebread said...


Joshua Rainey said...

I really like the Sea Wolf part. If you're doing a follow up to the story you could have Aquaman return to his time and find that the Sea Wolf has spawned and they are the dominate creatures of the sea. Aquaman and the Atlanteans must find a way to stop them.