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Friday, December 19, 2008

Aquaman on uBloom - 2008

Ho ho ho!

This is a shot of Aquaman (via super-pricey Tonner Doll) as he appears in a video running on the website uBloom, "the source for everything flowers."

Sent to me by newest F.O.A.M. member Kelly James Blank, who told me about a webcast he and his partner J produce all about flowers and home decor. And this particular video features a new product, called Branchies, that help you hang heavy and/or oddly-shaped objects from your Christmas tree, including, say, an Aquaman doll!

For those of you not particular interested in flowers (like me), the Aquaman part comes in at the 10:50 mark, so you can skip right to there to see what the action (or is that Adventure?) is. As I said to Kelly, finally my interests and my Darlin' Tracy's cross over!

Anyway, its a great, fun mention, and I thank Kelly and J for doing it and pointing the video out to me.

And Kelly, welcome to F.O.A.M.!


chunky B said...

You know those colors actually look good on a Christmas Tree... So do you have shrine tree rob?

rob! said...

no, sadly, i do not. since space at our house is at a premium, all my Aquaman stuff is tucked away in plastic crates in storage.

but i've promised myself (and, more importantly, Tracy) that when we get a bigger house, i'm devoting a decent-szied chunk of my art studio to the Aquaman Shrine, in all its glory. maybe then i'll buy my own mini-xmas tree and decorate it with orange and green stuff!