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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Super Dictionary, Part 12 - 1978

Before 2008 draws to a close, I thought we'd hit the last of the 1978 DC Super Dictionary listings!

These definitions repurpose art from two of the finest artists who ever picked up a pen to render the Sea King's adventures--the top panel is by Don Newton (from Aquaman #61, when Batman guest-starred) and the bottom is by Jim Aparo, who drew so much Aquaman during his career that he showed up a lot in the dictionary.

The DC Super Dictionary is such a wonderfully colorful (and idiosyncratic) offering that I'd love to see some book publisher try it again. I know I would've been a lot more interested in the regular dictionary if it had had pictures of super heroes in it...


Anonymous said...

Two great artist that Batman and Aquaman had in common! I believe that Aquaman tale was Newton's first stab at Batman (officially, anyway).

I love my DC Dictionary. It'd be great to see it updated. Would have been great to see it done when JLU was still on the air. So many characters to choose from there.


Rick L. Phillips said...

Just wanted to tell you to keep an eye on your mailbox for the next few days.