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Monday, December 29, 2008

Power Record Gift Set - 1976

This is a super-cool, hard-to-find Power Records "Gift Set" that includes seven 45" records featuring the biggest stars of Power Records, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, The Flash, Metamorpho, Plastic Man, the crew of Star Trek, and of course Aquaman, all rendered by the man, Neal Adams.

I had heard of this set, but had never seen it (even on eBay), until my pal and
F.O.A.M. member George Rears handed it to me over lunch a few weeks ago (that's right, ladies--a Power Records Gift Set), which was, as usual with him, extraordinarily generous.

There isn't anything in this set that Power Records hadn't released before (they were the king of re-purposing long before Kenner), but its still a fun little set, and it was nice to see the Aquaman record get included, as opposed to other Power Records' stars, like Wonder Woman, the Hulk, or Conan, by Crom.

Thanks George!


Plaidstallions said...

It's like a happy meal of records, tres cool!

Anonymous said...

God, I remember having this collection!

Grears said...

I never had it as a kid, but found it in college at a flea market. By this time in life I was migrating to CDs and never had a turntable handy... Of course, no books came in this packet!!!