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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heroes Con Poster by Darwyn Cooke - 2008

This beautiful poster by Darwyn Cooke was for the 2008 Heroes Convention, held in Charlotte, NC.

It was right around the time of the New Frontier movie, so the poster worked to promote two things at once, aside from just being a really gorgeous piece of art.

I always appreciate that Cooke, when doing a group shot, always manages to work Aquaman in, even if it is in some tiny corner. Sure, Aquaman didn't get much to do in New Frontier, but I always get the sense Cooke knows its important to include him when you're doing anything that's meant to represent the DC Universe of the 50s and 60s.


Anonymous said...

Well, although Cooke's work is beautiful, and although New Frontier was pretty cool, I don't have as positive a view of his use of Aquaman as you do. He deserves better than a corner! ;) Heck, even Green Arrow gets more space than the King of the Sea! There was a giant monster ISLAND...I mean, it was a threat tailor made for Aquaman...a real lost opportunity.

Anonymous said...

DC should hand their universe over to Cooke and Bruce Timm and call it good. It couldn't be in better hands.


Adama said...

I have one of those! It is indeed an amazing bit of artwork. You should come down and see Luke and I at Heroescon 09!