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Friday, December 12, 2008

Ezra Klein On Aquaman (Sort of) - 2008

This is part of a blog post from Ezra Klein, a journalist who writes for the political magazine The American Prospect. Ezra just doesn't talk about politics, and his informality of style makes his blog a place to discuss lots of topics, like he does here, talking about the newest season of Entourage.

Anyway, the phrase "Aquaman outgrossed Spiderman" jumped out at me, and I left a comment in response to it. That started a brief-but-spirited debate between me and another commenter:
Luckily the back-and-forth didn't turn ugly (a first for blog commenting ever, I believe) and "MosBen" and I found common ground.

But as you can see, I don't just have the Shrine to promote Aquaman, I do it in my free time, as well. Defending Aquaman is a 24-hr.-a-day job!


Anonymous said...

Rob, I think all of us die-hard fans have had this type of experience where we have to stand up and support him. I usually end up falling back on "yeah, well, Aquaman could kick *your* butt if he was real." :-)
In something of a related note, I just mentioned Aquaman in my job review yesterday...I was talking to my boss about how it's one thing for me to put up with good-natured kidding about Aquaman and another for some of the engineers I work with to make snide comments about him and act like *because* I like him that makes me an idiot or not as smart as them. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad slash annoying. (and the two guys I'm thinking of in particular are both Batman fans....sigh)

Wings1295 said...

Good for you, Rob! And yeah, defending our hero is part and parcel of being an Aquaman fan. But he is worth it!

Anonymous said...

Never give up the fight!!

These days, when someone slams Aquaman, I like to fall back on what Mark Waid and Alex Ross would say during the time of Kingdom Come. You know, the line where he says to Superman something along the lines of how Superman has Metropolis, Batman has Gotham City but he has the oceans with is like 3/4 the rest of the world.

Rev. O.J. Flow said...

One of these days, someone is going to have to explain to me how having complete command of the most dangerous, exotic and mysterious regions of Earth (and all that inhabit it) is a lame ability. Will. Never. Happen.