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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DC Super Friends Matchbox Cars - 2008

I had seen this set, part of the DC Super Friends merchandising juggernaut, in Target a few times, but after a quick perusal I realized I didn't need (cough) to pick it up, because, sadly, Aquaman was not given his own Matchbox car. Eh, so what else is new?

But a couple of different F.O.A.M. members pointed out to me that, in fact, Aquaman does make an appearance--albeit a tiny one--on one of the cars in the set, which I've highlighted.

While I'm disappointed Aquaman didn't get his own car, I have no complaints about how Mattel is treating the Sea King in this line--after all, he got his own AquaSub!


Richard said...

From the color scheme you'd have to think that's meant to be Aquaman's truck, but someone seriously dropped the ball with the decals. The first thing I thought of was it could have a giant water tank in it -- hey, that'd actually be pretty useful for Aquaman! Way more useful than a set of wheels for the Flash...

I'm old enough to think the Supermobile should have big fists in front. Looks like the most design work went into that Bat-copter, though I'm sort of amused by the day-glo green color of the van strongly implying that John Stewart whipped it up with his power ring.

Anonymous said...

RAB is right, when I first saw this I naturally assumed, what with the color scheme, that the orange HUMMER would be Aquaman's. Oh, well. Atleast it didn't go to Wonder Woman, right? :-) If I were a kid I would play with that one and the Batcopter the most. The Batcopter is just cool. I don't know why Aquaman didn't get a boat or something exciting like that, if Batman gets a frickin' helicopter!!

Plaidstallions said...

The Batcopter looks to be the only original vehicle in the set, the rest look like repaints. I know my son has that "Aquaman Vehicle" in another colour.