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Friday, November 14, 2008

Teen Titans Go! Aqualad Game Card

This way cool Aqualad game card is part of a Teen Titans Go! card set, generously sent to me by newest F.O.A.M. member (but longtime commenter) Richard Duncan. Thanks Richard!

Richard emailed me to ask if I had it, which I didn't. Little did I know that Richard would send me an entire set of the cards!

Unfortunately, this is the only Aqualad card in a pack of 28; oh well. Considering that Aqualad wasn't a regular member of the team, I guess we should be glad he got included--Speedy, for instance, doesn't show up at all!


Joe Huber said...

This card game does look really cool. I found the box sets at Dollar General last year for $1 and bought what they had to pass out for Trick or Treaters. Now I wish that I had saved one for myself.

I always liked the TT design for Aqualad, and the 8 inch figure looks cool standing next to my 10 inch JL Aquaman

Abdul bari said...

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