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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dinosaur Comics - 10/22/08

This is a panel from the 10/22 edition of the online strip Dinosaur Comics, sent to me by F.O.A.M.er Kristen Livingston.

The strip features two very erudite dinosaurs having a conversation, and for some reason Aquaman comes up. I think I agree with the T-Rex, Aquaman does always seem to have "an abiding sorrow." (Click the panel to go to the Dinosaur Comics site and see the whole strip)

I love seeing examples of Aquaman showing up in odd places, and this ranks right up there.
Thanks Kristen!

The newest issue of Toyfare (#137, out this week) features a new article on the upcoming Brave and the Bold line, and features a decent-sized shot of the new Aquaman figure.

Some of these pics hold some surprises--I didn't know that The Atom was going to be in the initial wave (a delightful addition), or super-villains Sportsmaster and Gentleman Ghost, either (interesting note--GG will also be added to the JLU line early next year, which means he's increasing his action figure quotient by 2000% in 2009, from zero to two).

Another highlight of the line is that, out of the initial six heroes to choose from, its Aquaman (along with Blue Beetle) who is getting a separate "Deluxe" figure. Thanks Mattel!

sgOn last night's installment of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, during the final "pop culture" segment with correspondent Kent Jones, Aquaman got a shout-out during a piece about a real-life town named "Batman."

You can see the clip here. I'm always excited when Aquaman gets mentioned on big-time TV!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow that is THREE Gentleman Ghost figures from Mattel this year! In addition to this one, and the JLU figure you mentioned, they are also making a figure of him in the DC Universe Classics line!

This series looks cool. Looks to be replacing "The Batman" series of figures in style somewhat, which makes sense.


Adama said...

Dude, another Green Arrow. AWESOME!

Plaidstallions said...

I'm really warming up to this toy line.

Anonymous said...

Not terrible looking toys, although what the heck is with the hex holes on their arms and legs? It is awesome that Aquaman is getting a Batman-esq useless-suit version! Maybe we'll get to see Arctic-Aqua, Jungle-Aqua, Jetpack-Aqua.....

Diabolu Frank said...

Abiding sorrow... True, but it shouldn't be. A writer needs to resolve that lingering depression.