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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Surf and Turf #8

sgBehold the cover to the newest issue of Aquaman's team-up title, Surf and Turf!

I started these on a lark, based on an offhand joke I made a while back, and it turned into an informal "series", where I gamed out a plot involving Aquaman and the other founding members of the Justice League, as they travel back through various eras of DC's publishing history in an effort to stop some crazy scheme by The Lord of Time.

The seven-part storyline would conclude with Aquaman rejoining the JLA, and after I had completed that issue's cover, I figured I was done with it.

But for whatever reason, the other day I had an idea for an eighth issue, the first one not tied to the original storyline, so here you go--Aquaman and Green Arrow vs. The Catman in "The Calamitous Catman Caper!"

I didn't have much plot imagined for this one, other than repeated jokes by Green Arrow about how lame Catman is. And Aquaman having to spend more time hanging with Ollie than he would normally want to.

I came up with some crazy rule that I would have to find stock pieces of both heroes drawn by the same artist, which really limits how imaginative I can get with these. But I did manage to find two suitable poses of Arthur and Ollie by the great Dick Giordano, an artist not previously represented on the earlier Surf and Turfs
...my dream mash-up issue of Surf and Turf would be Aquaman teamed-up with Brother Power, The Geek, but where am I gonna find Aquaman drawn by Joe Simon??


Dixon said...

This looks like another fine installment in an already legendary series. Aquaman and Green Arrow versus Catman? I'd buy this one in an instant. Long live Surf and Turf!

Diabolu Frank said...

Two things:

1) Can I post a 400 Pixel version of "Surf & Turf #4" at the Idol-Head of Diabolu sometime?

2) I'll have to wait until my girlfriend comes back from Monterrey, but she showed me her binder of '90s Mexican trading cards the other day. In it was a "Pepsi Cards" version of the Aquaman entry from the painted DC Master Series. When I get it back to my place to scan, would you like me to forward it on, or did I miss that one previously?

rob! said...


1)Sure, shoot me an email and i'll send it over to ya

2)i'm not familiar with what you're referring to, so i'd like to see it/them! thanks!

rob! said...

thanks Dix! i really have boxed myself into a corner with my self-imposed rules but i think that's in some small way the challenge of it.

if only i could find Aquaman drawn by Joe Kubert, i could do an Aquaman/Sgt Rock team-up!...

chunky B said...


Why hasn't DC picked up on this? The title is awesome, the story sounds sweet, and the character mix is legendary.

I wants me some Surf and Turf at my local comic shop!

misterperturbed said...

The cover to Surf & Turf #1 has Aquaman by Alan Davis and Flash by Steve Lightle.

Adama said...

Hey Rob, do you ming if I use the GA and Aquaman image over at the Shrine?

rob! said...

Mr. Perturbed-

yeah, that was before i enforced the "same artist" rule that took over with #2. my only problem with #1 is that it looks stitched together because of the different art styles.

Adama- go right ahead!

Rick L. Phillips said...

Aquaman and GA is one team up I would like to see. I don't think they ever worked together without any buffers from the other JLA members.

Anonymous said...

Rick, they "teamed-up" in that crossover that I think was featured in the B&W Aquaman collection...where GA went crook hunting in the ocean and Aquaman came to Star City (or land, anyway).

Rick L. Phillips said...

Oh yeah I forgot about that one. In the pre Neal Adams days.

Anonymous said...

Well, here's a story that has Aquaman and GA working together:


The author, Harvey Kent, writes a lot of cool fics featuring GA or the classic JLA. Check out his other tales while you're there.

Anonymous said...

Great covers! I'd love to read any of these stories. Why don't you patch a few of them together too? How hard could that be? ;)

Carter Hall said...

Rob --Check in your Super Dictionary on page 415..is that a Kubert Aquaman? There's also a small profile on the back cover of this book.