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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aquaman Redondas!

This is another one of those items I have in my Shrine folder, and I have no memory of how I got it--some generous F.O.A.M. member must have sent it to me, but I am apparently getting very forgetful in my old age.

Click the image to see the full sequence--its a series of nine panels, where Aquaman has a very truncated adventure. Hey, I've never seen Aquaman riding a walrus before!


Anonymous said...

Hey, a Batman cameo too! Aquaman looks pretty regal in panel #126. I take it this is some kind of stamp album?


Tegan said...

Aquaman rode a sea cow a lot in the Golden Age, and that's what he appears to be riding in those stamps.

You got to give the artists a little leeway. The Sea Cow has been extinct for a couple of centuries.

Diabolu Frank said...

Hah! Kewl!