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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aquaman OS-11 Operation Battle Starter...?

Every so often I go trolling on eBay to see if there any cute little (read: cheap) Aquaman items up for sale that I want (read: need). There hasn't been much lately, but I did come across this oddity.

It's listed as a "Rockman Operation Battle Starter OS-11 Aquaman Megaman", whatever the hell that is (sounds like something Cartman really would want).

As you can see from the packaging, there doesn't seem to be any connection to Aquaman whatsoever, except for the "Navi Data Chip/Aquaman" label on the top right of the package. What "Aquaman" means in this context is anyone's guess.

It's currently for sale here, and while I am curious to see if there is any connection to the Sea King, I'm not curious enough to bid on it.

Completely unrelated, here is the cover to the upcoming Brave and the Bold comic series, part of the Johnny DC line. This graphic was sent to me by several F.O.A.M. members on the same day, so I can only assume DC finally has started soliciting the book.

Aquaman in particular looks very Ren and Stimpy-ish to me, but I have to say the beard is really growing on me. Plus, look how huge he is compared to Batman!

Thanks for the heads-up fellas!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Rob, but I'm afraid in Mega Man the bosses are usually named something akin to "Snow Man," "Lava Man," or "Aqua Man." I seriously doubt that the item has any connection to the Sea King, although I occasionally come across similar things in my own searches...always disheartening.

As far as the Brave and the Bold book....color me VERY mildly interested. I have to say that the Aquaman art there is abysmal, but perhaps it is just the cover. I too find the beard growing on me, though.

Anonymous said...

Aquaman seems a little TOO tooned up there, and does indeed remind me of Powered Toast Man, but I'm all for some Batman action that kids can really get into. After we got the fantastic (but VERY adult) Dark Knight, kids need a Batman to call their own.


Anonymous said...

I'd much rather them revive the oh-so-excellent Batman and Robin Adventures series from the 90's. It had a maturity of story telling (in the true sense of depth and complexity), while still maintaining a kid friendly atmosphere. I don't expect the same level of writing from something with Powdered Toast Man on the front of it.

Plaidstallions said...

From what I've read, Aquaman will be a larger than life adventurer type whose boisterus positive attitude about superheroics gets on Batman's nerves.

So I picture him as sort of a "Brian Blessed from Flash Gordon" type, the beard totally works.

chunky B said...

I'm digging the Brave and Bold stuff I've seen so far, I can't wait to see the toys. Also when was the last time we saw Plastic Man get his animation on?

Hatter J said...

The B&B character profiles are already up at Cartoon Network. Aquaman is listed:

Anonymous said...

I see that once again Arthur gets short shrift in the description of his powers. No mention of his super strength, speed, or durability, but Red Tornado gets all of the above. Still, as long as he's portrayed well in the episode, I'll be okay with it. I like the adventurer angle, Aquaman shouldn't be competing with Batman to see who can be more broody.

Luke said...

Benton is right, Aqua Man is one of the Robot Masters from the game Mega Man 8. This particular version, AquaMan.EXE is from the Mega Man Battle Network games. You can see Aqua Man's sprites here, and AquaMan.EXE's sprites here.

Anonymous said...

The above is correct about the Aquaman, of Megaman, toy. Although I'm suprised that you, Rob author of this fan site, have never heard of Megaman( A.K.A. Rockman in japan) and the whole Aquaman Robot master thing.