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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mego Pocket Heroes Ad - 1978

This ad, for Mego's Pocket Heroes line, was sent to me by Tommy of The Bat-Blog. Thanks Tommy!

This is presumably a page from a catalog, not a stand-alone ad, and you can see that Mego was most interested in pushing the characters from the then-smash hit Superman: The Movie.

But the bottom row makes me giggle--it looks like Aquaman is about to smack Captain Marvel, who in turn is about to do that to Caveman Wonder Woman, while Midget Batman and Giant Robin look on. Oh, and The Joker is waving hello.

Mego was so awesome...


Anonymous said...

Their legs frighten me.

Richard said...

I never even heard of this toy line before! How is that possible? It isn't! And yet I Google them and the evidence they existed is all over the place.

Okay, who's been messing with the timeline?

Diabolu Frank said...

I owned several of these figures, including cut-rate Spider-Man, lousy Captain America, Wonder "Woman," and Robin the Deviant Wonder. Only the latter enriched my childhood, and even then only after his head popped off and I gave him a G.I. Joe sniper rifle. "The Executer!"

I might have had a Green Goblin as well, but these weren't so memorable I can say for sure. Even as a boy, I assumed they were some sort of K-Mart bootlegs, not properly licensed figures. Way to not go, Mego!

Scurvy said...

I have that Superman with the hankie sized cape. It's as funny in person as it looks in the picture.

I think the bottom row looks like a bunch of back up singers for some motown group. Aquaman and Marvel look like they're doing the "monkey" and the rest look like they're doing that "California Raisin" hand jive...

Mego is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey quit harshin' on the Megos!

Sure Mego phoned in the paint jobs, but if you look at the figures, the sculpts are quite nice. As the second set of 3 3/4 figures (after Fisher Price Adventure People but before Star Wars) the Comic Action Heroes (the ones with the bent legs) and the Pocket Heroes pioneered an action figure format that dominated for a decade. Frugal Mego didn't have mockups of the straight legged Pocket versions of the bottom figures, so they just used the existing bent knee Comic Action figs. And they never even made straight leg Pocket Shazam, Penguin or Joker.

More on Mego? Go nowhere else but here:


Plaidstallions said...

Comic Action Heroes is possibly my all time favourite Mego line.

While I admit that I still think the 8" format is perfect, I've always been affectionate for superheroes in the 3 3/4" scale.

I attribute much of my fondness to the functionality of their design.