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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Patch Ad - 1974

This ad ran in what seemed like every DC comic of the early to mid-70s, the Aquaman patch being, to my eyes, the most visually compelling of all of them.

Patches were a real 70s and early-80s phenomenon; nowadays you don't see too many of them around, outside of bikers and people wearing the same jacket they had in 1974, which they attached patches like this to.

Fun Fact: As you can see, the Batman TV show had done its job; only Bat-Villains were considered popular enough to earn their own patches, even half a decade later after the show went off the air. No Brainiac patches for you!


Richard said...

In fairness there was also a Hawkman embroidered patch in this series, so there may have been still others made that simply weren't listed in this ad.

Yeah, I had the Hawkman patch when I was a kid.

Rick L. Phillips said...

I remember seeing these ads but I always wondered who bought them. I never saw anyone with them.

Paul Kupperberg said...

I have the Wonder Woman patch (acquired about a dozen years ago at a convention)...gotta get my mom to sew it on my jean jacket! :)

Arkonbey said...

Now were those quality patches or cheapo iron-on ones?

Wish I'd have found some of those when I was in the USCG. I would have so put one of those on my flight jacket.

John said...

My best friend growing up had the S-Shield and the 'Batman & Superman Together' patch on the back of his jean jacket. I was quite envious. Sigh.

(I always wondered why the Robin patch looked larger than the Batman patch...)

Joe Huber said...

I actually still have #9. I have it sewn to my bag that I carry to school. My students all know that I am a Batfan. Would love to have the Aquaman one, because, as you said it is the "most visually compelling."

Anonymous said...

Superdog? Funny that they would not have called him Krypto.

Anonymous said...

I know there was Green Arrow patch as well. Oddly enough, it was in his original costume (the no beard look). I remember seeing it in another ad.