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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DC Superheroes Sleeping Bag - 1975

With all the Aqua-material that gets sent to me nowadays, I don't have to hunt on eBay for stuff as much (and for that I thank all of you!). But once in a while I come across something I just can't resist.

This is a full-size sleeping bag, featuring (some of) the biggest stars of the DCU--Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow, and in a rare inclusion, The Atom!

The coloring gets a little--ok, a lot--wonky on some of the characters: what's with Batman in yellow, Atom in green, and Green Arrow in white?

That said, I really love the design on the individual shots--the combo of font and where the heroes names are placed looks really nice to me. I'm going to have steal that look for some future project.

I wasn't the only one who enjoyed this item once it arrived. It took me a week or so to getting around taking a photo of it, so Aquaman Shrine Mascot Berry T. Cat took it upon himself to measure the bag's "Comfy Factor":
...two paws up!


Hatter J said...

This is pretty cool, and although the coloring is wonky, at first glance Atom looks like Airwave.

I remember as a kid having the Super Friends sleeping bag, and if I am recalling correctly, the colors on it were accurate.

Awesome find, and I'm a bit envious of your collection.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain that I had this sleeping bag when I was a kid. I say, "fairly certain" because I don't remember it being yellow. I could swear that the comic panel background was white.

Anyway, love that Flash image - it was used on stickers and other merchandise when I was a kid. Always looked like Curt Swan to me perhaps lifted from one of the Superman / Flash races. And I like the design on Batman's "circle" with the little bubble to accomodate the moon.

Plaidstallions said...

One of my sadder moments was the deletion of my sleeping bag collection in 2002, I had this one and loved it.

I just realized one day, I'd likely never display it.

Adama said...

WANT!! That is awesome!

I wonder what did happen with the color though. Messing up the Atom or GA I can understand, but surely the guys at the factory knew Batman didn't wear yellow?

Then again, if it was made in China...

Jon K said...

Hey, this was one of my first eBay purchases after I'd started my own blog! Still haven't gotten around to taking a decent photo of it to post there, so I'm glad you stepped up!

Now I only have to figure out how to display my own...

By the way, just got back from vacation yesterday, and made one purchase at an antique store... a block of 25 Big Little Books for $100 -- why did I buy these? One of them was the Aquaman book! There's about six or seven of them (at least) -- including that one -- that I'm keeping, not sure if I'll sell the rest or not!


Anonymous said...

Vincent, that Flash image is by Murphy Anderson...as is Green Arrow and Superman, and I *think* the Atom.
Batman is by Adams, of course, and Wonder Woman is by Nick Cardy.

Rob, what is the background comic? It is definitely Sekowsky JLA in certain places, but in the pic with your cat the background doesn't look like Sekowsky at all...!

Anonymous said...

And Murphy Anderson drew Aquaman, too, of course!!!! Oops!

Anonymous said...

The Atom is by Gil Kane himself I believe. The image was used in the corner of the Atom's covers for a while before he merged with Hawkman. I think it's from a poster insert in the mid-60s.

Where's that standard Gil Kane Green Lantern running shot? It's missing!


chunky B said...

Wow, they had yellow scuba batman back then! I thought he was a product of the nineties!

Bubbashelby said...

I have my old Batman sleeping-bag hanging on my wall above the stairs. A sweet Blue/Grey Neal Adams looking Batman. I think I got it around 89-90, and was much too old to use it at the time (a teenager ;) )

But it makes for a great tapestry now!

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow doesn't seem to be wearing any pants lol

Anonymous said...

I have a 1978 superman sleeping bag in Great condition. What's this worth?? Never been used. Dave 612-298-8666