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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aquaman "Munny" - 2008

This funky little statue was sculpted by newest F.O.A.M. member Kristen Livingston.

Says Kristen: "A
side from comics, I'm pretty into painting scale models. Just recently I decided to expand my area of interest a tiny bit and try a DIY vinyl toy. The one I tried my hand at is called "Munny", and if you do a quick search you can find a whole bunch of info on them. Anyways, for my first one I ended up doing Aquaman. It was sort of inspired from watching Superfriends on Boomerang (a station I don't usually get when I'm up in Canada). There's nothing quite like learning magic tricks from Aquaman, right?

There's a bit of sculpting, but nothing intense. It was all done with a brush and acrylic paint. It's 4" tall. Hopefully I can save up enough money without squandering it on comics/video games/more Munnys and get an airbrush sooner or later. Then I'll try my hand a larger 7" Munny."

I loved it, and told Kristen so. I love any kind home-made Aquaman item, since its the product of such devotion to the character.

Plus, as I also told her, this Aquaman looks a little like Butters from South Park to me. And since he's my favorite character from that show, bonus points to Kristen!


Anonymous said...

Cute. But what's up with Aquamunny's tail?

chunky B said...

That's a pretty sweet paint job for only being 4 inches tall! Great job!

Scurvy said...

That's cool! And hat's off to you sir as a fellow "Butters" fan as well!

His face reminds me of the "Ice Man" they found in that glacier in the early 90s. Very cool tho.

Bubbashelby said...

That's just awesome!