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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Adventure Comics #445 - June 1976

sgComics Weekend More from Aquaman's excellent solo series in Adventure Comics!

At the end of last issue, Aquaman had been dethroned by his people and replaced by the mysterious, scheming Karshon.

Without having Atlantis to call home, Aquaman, Mera, and their son Arthur Jr. take up residence in a new home, a specially-built headquarters befitting a legendary superhero.

But of course, before they even get to enjoy it, trouble looms on the horizon, as we see in another of Jim Aparo's spiffy splash pages
Aquaman gives Mera a tour of the new digs (not noticing the intruders following them), and it is a swanky place indeed:
...this thing screams Mego Playset to me, too bad they never thought to make it. *sigh*

Anyway, while the family enjoys the peace and quiet, they are confronted by a group of armed amphibian men, who are here to kidnap Mera!

Aquaman of course isn't having any of that, and he starts busting heads, with the help of some nearby sharks, who are not as delicate as their master.

But one of them manages to hit the couple with tranquilizer darts, and they drag both of them away, leaving Arthur Jr. all alone to fend for himself. Soon, Aquaman and Mera wake up and start to learn what the heck is going on:
Aquaman listens to what their leader, Toxxin, has to say, but he realizes that this giant squid-like creature isn't trying to harm these people. Instead, it just uses them as bait to capture curious sharks and other marine life.

Toxxin then offers Mera up to the creature as a sacrifice, but Aquaman grabs her headpiece and uses it to stab it, and it lets Mera go. Mera then uses her hard water powers to help free her husband.

Aquaman then charges the creature straight on, circling around it hundreds of times, causing a vacuum around it, depriving it of oxygen, which kills it. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen Aquaman do that before...cool!

Aquaman then slaps Toxxin upside the head with one of the creature's severed tentacles, and he and Mera swim off. The recently-liberated villagers are happy to free of the creature, not realizing the school of sharks headed their way...

Later, Aquaman and Mera arrive home, but there's still trouble:

To be continued!

Another great issue--Aquaman is really, well, super in these stories, getting to be much more of a badass than he is generally known for. Knocking someone out with someone else's severed arm is painful and humiliating. Nicely done, Arthur.

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Anonymous said...

See? This is the way Aquaman should be: determined, resourceful, and not taking any crap. No moping around, just good solid intelligent adventure stories starring great characters. This is the Aquaman we want back. I think the closest to this spirit in the Modern era, to me, was the great Sub Diego run by Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason. But this run is still the all-time tops, baby!