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Friday, August 22, 2008

Aquaman Tattoo

Another example of someone liking Aquaman so much they want him imprinted on their flesh, this tattoo photo was sent to me by our newest F.O.A.M. member Patrick Hartley.

I never had any idea what went into tattoos, exactly, until I asked a friend who has a few of them explain it to me. Now that I know, seeing something like this--and understanding the sheer amount of time, effort, and money it takes to see it through--makes me appreciate how much you've gotta like Aquaman to get something like this.

Nice tattoo, Patrick, and thanks!

The kid-friendly version of Aquaman (the only one alive at the moment) gets a lot of play in comics this week, as he gets a full Fact File page to himself in DC Super Friends #6:
...I'm relieved to see that the origin listed for Arthur is the classic one--lonely lighthouse keeper, mysterious woman from Atlantis, etc. Plus a fish puzzle!

Plus, Aquaman (and his fellow JLAers) make a sort of Peanuts-esque appearance in Tiny Titans #7, courtesy the brilliant team of Art Baltazar and Franco:

...where's our Tiny Titans plush line?? Get on it, Mattel!


Adama said...

I would TOTALLY buy plushy Aqualad and plushy Speedy!

chunky B said...

Hey Cool, Aquman got a speaking role, the big three are silent!

"...a sort of Peanuts-esque appearance..."

I had this vision of the text bubble being "whaa, whaa, whaa, wha whaaa, wha!" before I scrolled down.

Bubbashelby said...

In the immortal words of Ricardo Montalban, "Sweet Tattoo!"

Diabolu Frank said...

Things unseen here...

Black Manta Costume!

I tried to think of a scenario where Michael Phelps could possibly kick more ass, but involved him carrying a trident, wearing an American flag as a cape, and flying into outer space on a giant eagle to thwart aliens from colonizing Earth.

A long swatch of conversation was spent discussing Aquaman of all characters, with Didio recalling a dinner during the Emerald City Con in Seattle where he opened a chat with the assembled creators by saying, “Gentlemen, bring on the Aquaman pitches” as everyone always comes to him with plans to reboot the character and “finally get Aquaman right.” For his part, the editor thought the character’s mainstream cultural identifiability comes from nostalgia for the cartoons of the ‘60s.

As for the problems with the character, Didio proved his point that Aquaman needed major attention when he asked fans to name five recognizable Aquaman villains, and the audience stalled at a questionable fourth pick of the Human Flying Fish. Didio admitted that the sea king is “an incredibly strong character when he appears with the teams. He’s a great counterpoint to a lot of other characters in Justice League and other places,” and he said that the challenge came in giving fans one version of the character that presents the very best elements of the long-running and confusing mythos.

Apparently, step one of solving the Aquaman puzzle outside of the character’s mystery tease in “Final Crisis” will be in the upcoming “Green Lantern” crossover “Blackest Night” as Van Sciver said most of his story will get resolved there.

PAT said...

WHOA! Cool!

Kidbilly said...

awesome tattoo! it's along the same lines design wise as mine. very cool.