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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Toyfare "Top 10" - 2008

The DC Universe Aquaman variant figure tops Toyfare's "Top 10" list of hottest action figures for the second month in a row, pretty amazing considering the fact that I don't think any other Aquaman figure has ever even made the list.*

I still haven't been able to find this variant, but I'm patient. It's currently selling for around $30 on eBay, but I'm not biting.

The regular version and the Black Manta figures also make an appearance in this month's price guide:

...that's a lot of Aquaman for one issue of Toyfare. Thank you AquaFans for making these figures so darn popular!

sgUpdate: I just realized I had this mention of the DC Super Friends Aquaman figure in Toyfare's "Top 10" column from a few months ago still in my "To Post" archives, and somehow never got around to putting it up here at the time.

(*So the statement I made in the very first paragraph is wrong. I love finding out I'm wrong about something mere seconds into writing a post.)

All in all, its been a very good year for Aquaman, action figure-wise. And its only June!

Update 2: There's a very good reason why the second wave of the DC Universe figures have been so hard to find:

"Mattel has done a pull on the DC Universe and several other lines due to the quality (bad paint jobs and articulation) of the toy so it might be a while before you see them in a Target store again.

Being as it is not a recall by the government, stores don't have to return the product if they chose not to, so some stores may still have them on the shelves. They will be back hopefully by the end of the month."

...this comes from an Anonymous Source, but a very reliable one. So all of you out there frustrated by your lack of progress in finding DCU figures can rest easy--it isn't you. Give it until the end of the month and then resume the search.


Erik said...

I've been trying to find the DC Universe Aquaman since the line was released to no avail. I've come close, seeing the entire series but Aquaman on the shelves at one time or another. I'm just not ready to give scalpers my money yet. Even though it's costing a small fortune driving around all the time looking. Haha.

Adama said...

WHY?! WHY?! Mattel, all I want is to purchase Aquaman and Black Manta toys from you, but you won't let me!!

Seriously, I've been looking for Arthur and BM for months, but I haven't seen scale nor fin of either of them in what feels like every Target and TRU in Atlanta.

chunky B said...

Good to know Rob, I will try and be patient...

On a side note I saw a DCSF Aquaman and sub sit on a shelf for something like four visits, the fifth visit I decide what the heck I'm going to buy it, it was gone!


Anonymous said...

That explains the sticker I saw at a TRU outside of Wheeling , WV this weekend "Recall 6/4". So hopefully these will show back up soon.

I managed to track down all of series 1, which is a feat considering the last several waves of the previous DC Super Heroes line were impossible to find. Wal-Mart is supposed to have an exclusive wave in August, so hopefully a case or two of this wave will make it into most Wally worlds.


Bubbashelby said...

I was so lucky to get all the series two (not including variants) - they all have excellent paint and articulation etc.

Such an odd "recall" - I don't know, call me a conspiracy nut but there just has to be more to it.