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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Super Amigos Card Game - 1985

sgThis card is but one of a whole set of bee-a-you-tiful game cards done for the Spanish-language version of Kenner's Super Powers line, Super Amigos.

This Aquaman card (about the size of a typical playing card), features classic, perfect Jose Luis Garcia Lopez art, and it was sent to me by F.O.A.M. member
Martin (be sure to check out Martin's website--called Cromy Club--of custom-made desktop wallpapers starring DC heroes).

When I asked Martin what other DC characters were represented on the game's cards, he graciously sent me scans of the whole set almost immediately, which you can see below.

Thanks Martin!

Most of the art is by Garcia Lopez, but there's also a Walt Simonson Manhunter and Dr. Fate; Raven, Starfire, and Brother Blood(!) by George Perez; and a Mike Zeck Amazo!

This looks like one fun game!


Anonymous said...

That's some weird coloring on Manhunter, there.

Anonymous said...

Suh-weet! Kid-Flash (or Joven Flash) looks like Perez too. Cyborg...maybe, can't tell at this size.

Nothing against the great Garcia-Lopez, but doesn't Batgirl's cycle seem a wee bit small for her?

Oh and look it's Hawkgirl! The Leaguer who never gets any credit, pre-Timm Justice League!


Doug said...

Those are sweet, sweet, sweet!

Firestorm's looking like classic Milgrom stuff there.

These are great. How do you play?

Adama said...

Those kick ass. Flecha Verde for the win!

...did anyone else notice that they put Raven's name on Black canary's card, and vice verse?

chunky B said...

Those are freaking sweet!

My Favs are: Batichica and Mujer Halcon!

rob! said...

good catch, adama!

nice to know: in spanish, "amazo" is still "amazo."

Anonymous said...

Haha, very awesome. Now Rob, THAT is the Aquaman art that I recognize as iconic. Slap that on some packaging, and I'll buy it up!

Anonymous said...

Regarding "Adama's" comment on the name switch of Black Canary and Raven - yes, I did notice, but I also noticed something else - their names are not translated into spanish for some reason, while most everyone else is named with their spanish language name. Tornado Rojo = Red Tornado, etc.
Since I have many spanish language DC comics I can tell you that the names should be: Canario Negro (Black Canary) and Corvina (Raven).